Case study

How 3PL Partners with upHost for Stability, Security and Speed

Ian Walker, MD at 3PL

The Challenge

Ian Walker is the Managing Director at 3PL, one of the UK’s leading eCommerce order fulfilment providers. Being a market leader in a rapidly growing sector means their sales team are inundated with fresh leads from start-ups to globally recognised brands that are looking for specialists in third-party logistics solutions, with 90% of leads coming via their own website Ian and the sales team needed a hosting solution that would give them total peace of mind.

Like any growing enterprise, 3PL’s ultimate marketing and sales goals focus on driving more pipeline and higher conversion. To meet these objectives, they needed a hosting partner that could deliver on three specific fronts: Speed, stability and security.

“We wanted to create a better front-end user experience to improve our conversion rates and we made the bold decision to re-platform from Umbraco to a WordPress website and this meant we also needed to find a new hosting partner.“ Ian explains “We needed to find a company that had a proven track record of being able to handle WordPress websites that had thousands of visitors per month and also had the ability to help us maintain the platform to ensure optimum performance at all times.”

The solution to the challenge was upHost.

“As a business owner that understands the importance of our website for lead gen, I need total confidence that our website is going to work, we can’t afford to have downtime or website issues and upHost take those worries away, so we can focus on driving pipeline and growing revenues.”

Ian WalkerManaging Director at 3PL

The Solution

upHost’s WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Platform is able to fully deliver on all of 3PL’s primary needs. It provides a powerful and flexible hosting solution with a comprehensive maintenance solution that is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of 3PL’s marketing and sales teams.

“Our sales teams are extremely busy and the last thing they need to be worrying about is our website performance, but we are also realistic, and we know that for the website to be at its best it needs the regular updated to keep it running smoothly and securely.” Says Ian

“When it comes to WordPress the upHost team really know their stuff and are extremely proactive in updating our plugins, themes and optimising our site speed and being at the end of the phone whenever we need some advice. They’ve become a valuable part of our wider team.”

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Daily back-ups for total peace of mind



Regular plugin updates

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Fast bug fixes

“upHost are much more than a hosting provider, we know that our website is in safe hands and giving our customers the best possible experience. They fast to respond, quick to find solutions and are true WordPress experts.”

Ian WalkerManaging Director at 3PL

The Result

Speedy support that stays personal

Ian has gone on to refer upHost to others, particularly busy businesses looking for a no-hassle affordable way for their businesses to get reliable WordPress hosting in the UK.

“I’ve got many friends who run businesses and lots of them find it difficult to find a reliable hosting partner. The common issues are that they just get support when they need it and as a result, their website sites stop functioning and become clunky over time,” explains Ian

“I see the frustration this causes them, so I told them about upHost –a cost-effective solution from a UK based company that will go above and beyond to ensure your website is always working at its best and looking its best.”

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