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How do I transfer my website?

Transferring a website to upHost is easy peasy. In fact, we’re happy to do it for you at no cost. We’ll even help you get set up and take you through the process from start to finish.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), software that enables the creation, publishing and ongoing maintenance of websites. It’s the most popular CMS worldwide due to its intuitive interface and powerful features. These include a huge choice of WordPress themes that offer instant custom layouts, and WordPress plugins that provide simple ways to implement specialised functionality.

What's the difference between regular web hosting and WordPress hosting?

In reality, “web hosting” is just an umbrella term that encompasses all types of hosting, including WordPress hosting. But we get what you’re asking. Why WordPress hosting compared to, well, something else?

Where WordPress hosting differs from other hosting options simply comes down to the features it comes with. Our WordPress web hosting is specially designed to help you get up and running with WordPress quicker and easier than other plans would provide.

How is WordPress Hosting optimised for performance?

Our WordPress Hosting platform has been newly designed and tested, specifically for running WordPress. The architecture is built using enterprise-grade hardware to ensure superb performance, including smart SSD storage that provides superfast access to your WordPress data. WordPress Hosting also enables caching for static content, giving your website an extra speed boost.

How do I install and update WordPress?

Our hosting platform installs the WordPress software automatically. Just follow the step-by-step process in our control panel – no downloads or manual installation required.

WordPress updates are also streamlined. By default, minor updates are installed automatically, so all the latest security patches are applied with no action required. You can also enable auto-updates for major version upgrades, or disable them completely if you want to keep your WordPress install on a specific version. Our user-friendly control panel gives you complete control to customise your update settings.

Can I migrate existing WordPress site to WordPress Hosting?

If you have an existing WordPress site, it’s simple to migrate it to the upHost platform. WordPress Importer is a plugin that helps manage the migration process, and it can be easily pre-installed when you launch WordPress from our control panel.

Who updates our website?

We will update your whole website on a monthly basis including WordPress core, themes and plugins. If there are updates available you can just leave them to us.


Can I download my invoices?

The upHost platform makes it super simple to download your invoices whenever you need them. Just a few clicks and your invoice will be ready digitally or in pdf format. You will also have access to all historical invoices.

Can I manage my payments via the upHost platform?

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to change your payment details. You can login in and update your payment details within the upHost platform.

Can I update my company details?

You can manage all your company details from within our portal. Simply login and navigate to your company information page.

Can I add multiple websites to my portal?

You can manage multiple websites from your portal. Here you will be able to view how much you’re paying for each website, which websites you host with us, how long you’ve hosted them with us and the invoices associated with them.

How do I manage my notifications?

Currently we only notify you of a late payment and a paid invoice. These are mandatary to have as part of the account. We are working on further notifications that will help you to manage and enhance your website. On release of the developed notifications we will enable notification settings within your account.

Can I transfer my site away from upHost?

After 24 months of your upHost contract the site will legally be yours. To transfer your site away we will need to get all your invoices paid and up to date. From there we will send you all the files you need to move the website. If you have developers you work with then we can liaise with them to move your website efficiently to minimise any downtime.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your portal password by navigating to the log in screen and clicking “forgot password” below the “sign in” button. You will need to enter your email address that we have on our system. You will then receive an email to reset your password.


How do I cancel my account?

All accounts are on a 30-day rolling contract. To cancel please contact us before your next billing period. You can email [email protected].

Can I change my plan?

Yes, your plan and pricing will change in accordance with the amount of pages on your website. Simply add or remove pages to change your plan.

Is VAT included?

Yes, we include VAT with all our prices. We are VAT registered so you can claim VAT back if you are too.

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